BMX VS Parkour & Adamantium Bones

Sep 8, 2014|Posted by: Chris Jordan

Who will be the Street Boss? BMX or Parkour?

They both win, duh. We weren’t about to say one was better than the other, although they both have their strengths. This project was SO much fun. Ronnie & Greg had this idea for a long time, and it’s finally alive!

The Gear:

Here’s the BTS of how it all went down:

And of course we used the Freefly Systems Movi M10. This is our workhorse and constant on all shoots. The workflow of using the M10 is so smooth, and fast it’s a no brainer. check out

Thank goodness for amazing people!

People who were willing to spend multiple Saturdays filming, and as most know, a lot of sitting and waiting. This crew was fantastic, and we couldn’t have been more blessed. 

Greg Mitchell is tough as nails. literally.

We found, and he found multiple places he hadn’t seen before, and he would give it 100% right off the bat. Greg would roll, slam, crash, and slide through the landing of all the locations, get back up, and say, “AGAIN.”  We were all shocked, and then… he’d nail it!

Ronnie Shalvis does it again. AND again.

After watching and filming so many different athletes, it’s refreshing to film Ronnie. He is so effortless with his movement! We had a lot of laughs and fun planning how these 2 worlds could collide.


And here’s the main video!