Introducing: FlyScapes

Dec 14, 2013|Posted by: Chris Jordan

We often are filming people, cars, action etc.

But we also have a deep love for wilderness. We will be starting a series called FlyScapes. We couldn’t be more excited. Our first test is this short for Moab. We plan on doing a little longer version, with a nice mystic voice over. For now, enjoy and get lost in FlyScapes: Moab.

There is more to what you see here than just simply flying an RC drone. There are 2 operators, both intensely involved in the production of each shot. There is the Pilot, and the Camera Operator. They speak to each other, often in their own code to communicate what they are planning and how to execute each mission. Both of them need to be able to act without thought. We are honored to be able to do what we do every day.

Josh And Chris Moab Focus