Korea and the Movi

Feb 27, 2014|Posted by: Chris Jordan

SkyCandy spent a week with #Freefly Systems in South Korea, in the deep woods near the “real” DMZ.


It’s not every day you get to walk through trenches that are off limits to all, except the South Korean Military. I’m not taking about the tourist trap they call the DMZ, but a place we can’t mention, and areas we weren’t allowed to even aim our cameras at. So when #Freefly invited us to go along I jumped at the chance. Not to mention my Grand Father was stationed in South Korea, during the Korean War, so this was super important to me personally.

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Here’s Grandpa in Korea, he served 2 years in Seoul.


The crew, right outside Cheorwon Korea. 2/30/2014

Sam Nuttmann of Freefly & I met up in Korea after 15 hour flights to go over the plan with the Director Mark Lewis. His idea was to showcase the trenches and places that men lived and died with the #Movi . Since the #Movi is such an amazing tool, we were able to get shots no steadicam could get. I was particularly impressed with how much weight we put on the rig, and how well it did.


I am getting ready to run down and get behind the Movi as it drops down into a trench at the “real DMZ”. 

Movi loaded

Here we have the Movi loaded with a Red Epic, RedRock Micro’s Wireless receiver Follow Focus system, and Hocus products Focus system,

which we used for the Aperture. All in all, about 12 lbs. 

11-DMZ-Freefly (1)

Here we are doing an experiment, to see if we can transfer the Movi from the Jib, to Sam’s Hands seamlessly, which we did! It was incredible. The Movi was able to remove the bits of jitter between the jib and the hand off. So the shot starts in the sky 20ft up, then all the sudden your a few feet off the ground, then going into a tunnel, etc. Incredible.



We wanted to Spend some time in #Seoul, when we had a day off with the Movi. Sam and I cruised the streets and had a blast with the culture and location.

The Temples were oozing culture and with the gentle and light snow flakes falling, it was surreal.



Sam Nutmann Running the streets of Seoul.

The Movi is a massive game changer. Yes that term is used too often, but it actually fits the Movi.We can’t wait to get out and use our Movi on as many productions as we can.

Moving Free Through the DMZ from Freefly on Vimeo.

Pictures Credit:

Sam Nuttmann

Chris Jordan

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