Spider-man Parkour, Drones, & Going Viral

Jun 30, 2014|Posted by: Chris Jordan

Our custom made Heavy Lift named “Heavy-X” flew our Movi and RED Epic camera to new heights:

When you think of Peter Parker you KNOW he’s slingin’ webs. But for our latest project with Sony, and Contagious we needed to have him doing his thing without his trusty web-shooters: Enter “Peter Parkour”, or Spider-man Parkour.

We are super blessed to be tinkerers, and film makers at the same time. Throw in my nerdy history and experience of flying RC heli’s, and you get SkyCandy, a spin off of Sugar Effect Ltd., our Production company in Las Vegas. We haven’t looked back, and love to be considered one of the handful of pioneer teams setting up the Drone Cinema world the past few years. This led Cameron Mannwaring and his team at Contagious to seek us out to help fulfill their latest vision for the viral game.



We have heard about and used just about every brushless stabilizer out there, and for us it’s a no brainer: the Freefly Movi is King, and for good reason. “Most” of the other stabilizers out there trying to compete in this market space, are running off freeware, YES free software called Alexmos. This is great for them, as they can rebrand an app and have it talk to their system. BUT this also means you will have ages of tuning, computing, and lots of trial and error, and for the most part, not end up with footage that is of same quality as the Movi at the end of the day. Check out  http://www.freeflysystems.com/ or see their Facebook Page here: Freefly FB

Ronnie Shalvis is a very skilled Freerunning and Parkour athlete, and given his youtube exposure, Contagious and Ronnie teamed up with Sony’s approval and we all were ready to make it happen.

The feat of getting the Red Epic, batteries, a Movi M10, and more in the air wasn’t easy. We needed to be creative with what we had. We were already building a prototype HL which we admiringly named Heavy-X, and through some trickery were able to get both in the air…. for 5 minutes at a time. Scary. 30 lb’s floating around… no $65,000 floating around wasn’t something I personally was excited about, but then the little boy film maker in me was yelling at me to stop being a baby. So I did.

As seen in the BTS below, Ronnie was amazing. Rightfully so. He has spend nearly a decade perfecting his craft. He also was willing to do nearly everything we asked him to. A good athlete also knows his limits, and with so much on the line, he performed flawlessly.

And here’s the main video:

Just over 6,000,000 views! That’s enough to sneeze at. We haven’t seen this many views before on anything we have done, although Ronnie and Cameron have seen this kind of traction on many many previous projects. We were elated! It’s a big step forward for us, and for Aerial Filmmaking.

For more information on how to hire us, make sure to drop us a line. We might be in your neck of the woods soon!


UPDATE: We have since flown “HeavyX 2” many times, and are very excited about the results! Heavyx 3 is in the works, which will carry even more weight, while remaining compact.